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About Just BEach

We at Just BEach have one main focus: how do you maximize your beach fun?  Our shop in Mongoose Junction tries to cover all the bases: We have swimwear, coverups, t-shirts and hats.  We rent snorkel equipment, bocce sets, beach chairs, umbrellas and, crucially, coolers (because what’s a day at the beach without a cold beverage?).  We sell sunscreen, bug spray, anti-fog for masks, fish ID cards (for those “the name of that fish is on the tip of my tongue” moments), underwater cameras (see?  I really did see a barracuda)… Pretty much anything that might make a trip to the beach better, we’ve got it.

We figure the next step is to share all that we’ve learned spending 365 days a year (or so) in the Virgin Islands… Enjoy, and we hope you come see us soon to try everything for yourself! **We aim to post every Monday and Friday, but sometimes life gets super stressful and we have to be at the beach and then it’s happy hour… and we forget.  So if we don’t post on time, hang in there, judge us for being beach bum slackers, and then check back a couple days later.  We promise we’re worth it.



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