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Sunscreen: Your Skin’s BFF

May 7, 2014

Sunscreen: Your Skin’s BFF

As the season changes here in the islands from winter to summer (yes, we think we have seasons), we’d like to take this opportunity once again to remind everyone: WEAR SUNSCREEN!!

Seriously people, we’re seeing some wicked burns come through the shop.  This article by the ACS (link in the title of this post) provides great tips, please read it.  Most importantly:

#1 – wear sunscreen, obvi.  Preferably SPF 15 or higher, although anything over SPF 30 shows negligible increase in protection.

#2 – reapply said sunscreen, at least every 2 hours.  NOTHING IS WATERPROOF.

#3 – stay out of the sun when possible during peak hours (we say between 11 and 2)

Stay safe out there, sun bunnies.  No one wants to look like leather when they’re old.

Check out our previous sunscreen post, Caribbean Sun,,, Not For The Fair Of Skin, for more in depth information!

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