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Lind Point Trail – The Day Tripper’s Best Friend

April 7, 2014
Cruz Bay Overlook

Cruz Bay Overlook

One of the most frequently asked questions in the shop is “What’s the closest beach to walk to?”  The answer, my friends, is either Salomon or Honeymoon beach, accessible via the Caneel Hill trail (and Caneel Bay’s main entrance) or via the Lind Point trail.  I prefer to recommend the Lind Point Trail because it is accessible to a broader audience (Caneel Hill trail, as referenced in our post “When A Good Hike Gets Steep”, is not for the faint of heart).  Plus, you get an awesome view of Cruz Bay from the overlook on the upper Lind Point Trail!

The trail starts behind the VI National Park Visitors Center, easy access for anyone day tripping to St John from St Thomas or off a cruise ship.  It’s a 1.1 mile walk to Honeymoon Beach, or 0.75 mile walk to Salomon Beach, and the Cruz Bay overlook is less than half a mile from the trail head.  Total elevation change is 140 feet, making it one of the island’s more moderate hikes.

Early on (about 0.25 miles), the trail splits into the Upper and Lower Lind Point Trail.  The Upper trail  takes you to the Cruz Bay overlook via a small loop on the left of the trail, the Lower Trail simply takes you around the point toward the beaches, with less elevation change.  Both iterations of the trail take you through what was known as Estate Lindholm.

Salomon Beach is accessible via two spur trails, the first leading down the the western end of the beach, the second leading down to the eastern end.  Past these spur trails, Lind Point Trail intersects with the Caneel Hill Spur Trail.  The Caneel Hill Spur will take you up across North Shore Road to meet up with the Caneel Hill Trail.  Beyond its intersection with the Caneel Spur Trail, Lind Point Trail descends to Honeymoon Beach.  Honeymoon abuts the Caneel Bay Resort, and is accessible from that side as well for resort guests.


Salomon Beach

Locals love the Lind Point Trail for its moderate elevation change and accessibility to town – it’s great for trail running, on its own or in combination with the Caneel Hill Trail or North Shore Road.  The hike is manageable, whether you’re just trying a catch a couple of hours in the sun or setting up camp for the day with a cooler and chairs.

Be aware the both of these beaches are within the VI National Park, and the posted rules are enforced fairly regularly.  There is no glass allowed on the beach (cans or plastic only), trash will need to be carried out with you and disposed of properly, and there is no smoking permitted on the beaches.  We appreciate your help in keeping our island lovely!

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  1. Radha permalink
    April 8, 2014 7:40 am

    Your fans might be interested to know that there are bathrooms and other facilities at honeymoon beach. They can rent a kayak, sit in a hammock or buy sunscreen and other gift items right on the beach.

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