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2014: Resolution Realism (or, I Need To Go To The Beach More)

January 8, 2014


Like many people, I’m not that great at keeping resolutions. Year after year, they last a few weeks, maybe a couple months at best, then fall by the wayside. This year I thought, let’s try to make some resolutions that are more manageable. It took some thinking, and some honest self-reflection ( will I really do yoga EVERY day? Really? Probably not), but I eventually came up with a few I know I can work on.  I aim to drive less and walk more around our little island, hills be darned.  I’d like to be up at sunrise more often – probably not every day, but at least a few times a week I’d like to enjoy the break of day.  Most importantly, I’m recommitting to the beach.

Upon announcing my intentions for the year, a family member asked, “you live on a tiny island in the Caribbean, how could you possibly need to RECOMMIT to the beach?”.  Admittedly, it seems strange.  The truth of the matter, as almost anyone here would tell you, is that all too often work and life and weather conspire to keep us from St John’s main attractions.  During the last few abnormally rainy months, I could count on one hand the number of my days off that were sunny, and much to my chagrin I didn’t even make it to the beach at each of those available opportunities.

Now, clearly the weather is out of my control.  When it comes to work, too, there’s not much I can do about that.  But upon reflection it becomes clear that one of my biggest hurdles is my own inertia.  After a long week (or multiple long weeks) of work, or after a big night out, or on just an off day, sometimes I’m just too darn lazy to pack myself up and go to the beach.  This is the part I intend to improve upon in 2014.  I vow to take advantage of as many beach days as possible.  I will not (often) sit inside on a beautiful day watching TV.  And by extension I will get out and snorkel and swim and hike more.

This is my big commitment for the year, and I’m pretty excited about it.  We’ll see how it goes come March and April when our island fills up with spring break families, or in May and June when wedding parties abound, but I plan on remaining vigiliant.  I’m hoping that this focus on doing will spread to other areas of my life as well, as I become more aware of how I’m actually spending my time versus how I’d like to be spending my time.

* I’m happy to report that I’ve been to the beach 3 times since January 1, which is more than the entire month of December.  This may be the first resolution EVER that I keep.

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