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Hiking Once In A Blue Moon

August 31, 2012

… we’ve been remiss in posting these last 10 days (mostly due to vacations and birthdays, I must admit) and so I figured what could be more appropriate than posting on the day of a blue moon?  Even better, full moons are always a big deal here on St John – we love to hike and snorkel and dive and party under the light of the moon, and we’re more than a bit susceptible to the full moon crazies, so its always a fun time.


Tonight I’ll be taking part in one of my absolute favorite full moon activities on St John, the Ram Head hike on the south side of the island.  It starts out at Salt Pond Bay and follows the southern shore of the island before ascending into the headlands, specifically Ram Head, the southernmost point of the island.  From there you can see nearly 180 degrees around the island, including epic views of the BVI and St Thomas – extra beautiful in the moonlight!  Day or night, this hike is definitely one of the best on St John.

As a side note, some little known (at least to us) facts about a blue moon:

– They’re actually not as rare as you’d think.  On average one happens every 2.7 years, and some years even have two!  The next blue moon will be in 2015, and the next year to have two blue moons will be 2018.

– Our working definition of “blue moon” is actually wrong!  Originally a blue moon designated the third blue moon in a season (fall, winter, etc) that had four full moons instead of the normal 3.  In 1946 a writer for Sky & Telescope Magazine messed it up, and everyone jumped on board with the new, incorrect definition.

– For more interesting facts, check out this article at

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