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August 13, 2012

“My painkiller is too sweet… I think it needs more rum.”

Early on Saturday afternoon as we sat at the Cooper Island Beach Club for lunch, this gem of a sentence was uttered.  Said painkiller was then passed around, tasted, evaluated on several highly technical criteria, tasted again… and then of course, more rum was added.  Problem solved.

The progression of the conversation afterward led us, inevitably, to the concept of “caribbean problems”. These can be much like “first world problems” in that they’re not really “problems” in the eyes of most of the world, but sometimes they warrant their own category.   That moment when you’ve just gotten settled on the beach and a rain cloud materializes over you, seemingly out of nowhere?  #caribbeanproblems.  You’re glad it’s raining on your only day off this week because you won’t have to buy water? #caribbeanproblems.  Living and visiting down here, you quickly become familiar with problems that elsewhere just seem bizarre.

Enter the hashtag #caribbeanproblems on twitter and you’ll find a handful of tweets (some of which are pretty funny), but we really feel this hashtag is underrepresented.  To remedy the situation, we’re going to put it into regular rotation on the blog and our twitter account (@Just_BEach), and we invite you to contribute yours as well.  Just mention us in your tweet if you remember, so it’s easier for us to appreciate your #caribbeanproblems!

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