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Rainy Days In The Caribbean

March 22, 2012

Yes, it rains here… but what to do when it does?  Obviously our most recommended pastime is a leisurely afternoon of shopping and dining at Mongoose Junction, but if it’s still rainy when you’re done, here are a few more suggestions:

Curl up with a good book.  Over at the Marketplace, you’ll find a used bookstore/coffee shop if you need to pick up something new (to you) to read… Want some Caribbean classics?  Check out Don’t Stop The Carnival, but Herman Wouk,  The Rum Diary, by Hunter S. Thompson, or for more local stories, Tales of St John and the Caribbean, a collection by local authors, and Peter Muilenberg’s Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light.  For more informative, non-fiction reading, try St John Off the Beaten Track (available at Just BEach!), or Me and My Beloved Virgin, by Guy Benjamin.

Other interesting indoor activities include the St John Historical Society, The VI National Park Visitors Center, and the St John Public Library – for more information check out the VI National Park’s website.

Not in the mood to stay inside?  Swing on over to the Beach Bar and watch the weather roll through Cruz Bay while you nurse a Painkiller or a Bushwhacker… this is an especially nice spot if we’ve got a lightning show from the storm!   Or, for the more adventurous, take a hike down the Reef Bay Trail, and check out the waterfall by the petroglyphs – they’re always much more impressive when it rains!

The important thing to remember is, the sun is going to come back out sooner than later… so take advantage of the cooling rain while you can, and have fun!

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