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The Mechanics of “Sunday Fun-day”

June 24, 2011

A Blissful Day On Hawksnest Beach


You wake up, sunlight streaming in your window, the smell of the sea in the air… bird calls mingle with the sound of the waves crashing… And then the car barge horn blares, snapping you out of your reverie and reminding you that yes, we still have Mondays in paradise.

Living on St John sounds like a dream, and mostly it is, but when it comes down to it, those of us blessed enough to live here still have to make a living.  The upshot of this, on occasion, can mean weeks without a sunny day off, or just so much to do that all of a sudden you look up one day and you’re as pale as, well, a tourist.  Living in close proximity to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches can sometimes make them that much easier to overlook.

Enter the island tradition of “Sunday Fun-day”.  One day a week (not necessarily even on a Sunday, depending on your job), devoted entirely to fun and the having of it.  Many different tactics exist, many recipes for the perfectly executed “Sunday”.  Perhaps your Fun-day starts, as mine frequently does, with a bloody mary and brunch.  From there, think of it as a choose your own adventure: A) boat trip to the BVI… B) lounging lazily on the beach at Hawksnest or Maho… C) “Road trip” out to Coral Bay, snorkeling at Salt Pond, sunset drinks by the water…

The only key element to a Fun-day is, clearly, fun.  It’s important to appreciate that we live on this beautiful little rock, and to take advantage of all that it offers.  And for our lucky visitors, a vacation here on St John is like a whole week of Sunday Fun-days!  We envy all the leisure time y’all get here in paradise… which is why we try to emulate your vacation vibes and reserve a day for fun as often as possible!

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