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Hike: Leinster Bay to Brown Bay, via the Johnny Horn Trail

June 21, 2011

Leinster Bay Flats

On the north side of St John, adjacent Tortola, is Leinster Bay.  Frequently mentioned in connection with Waterlemon Cay as a top snorkeling destination, Leinster Bay trail starts near the Annaberg sugar mill ruins and continues east toward Brown Bay.

Leinster Bay itself features an area of “flats” near the sugar mill ruins. This area is frequented by fishermen for salt water fly fishing.

The Leinster Bay trail runs along the water’s edge for about 0.8 miles, well maintained by the VI National Park and relatively flat.   The end of the beach at Waterlemon Bay marks the beginning of the Johnny Horn trail, which ends in Coral Bay.  The trail then begins to climb, and towards the top of the hill you’ll find the first set of ruins on your left, the remains of a Danish guardhouse.

Further ahead, a spur trail on the left leads to what is known as Windy Hill and another set of ruins, the James Murphy Estate House, offering a spectacular down island view of Tortola, Drake’s Passage and, on a clear day, Virgin Gorda.

Continuing down along the trail from Windy Hill, you’ll find the intersection with the Brown Bay Trail about a half mile ahead.  The Johnny Horn trail continues on to the east end of the island, to Coral Bay, while the Brown Bay trail will take you down to the water. From the Leinster Bay Trail head to the beach at Brown Bay and back, the distance is approximately 6 miles.

Guardhouse Ruins on Johnny Horn Trail

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